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About Us

Woodstock Helicopters Pvt. Ltd. is an upcoming Aviation Infrastructure venture, which is in process of operating the countries first exclusive on-highway casualty med-evac operation in tandem with the State Govt. of Maharashtra - MSRDC.

The Woodstock Heliport is being built along the Mumbai-Pune Expressway and is being constructed in full accordance with DGCA rules and will feature the following :

  1. Two active Helipads for simultaneous VFR operations in either directions.
  2. An On-site Level-IV Trauma Center for express stabilization of road accident victims along the expressway.
  3. Helicopter Flying school for Private Pilots and Commerical Pilots licence aspirants.
  4. Helicopter flying club with membership exclusively by invitations.
  5. Sales, Promotion and purchase of Guimbal G2 'Cabri' Helicopters.
  6. Sales and purchase of pre-owned Helicopters.
  7. Large hangar for Maintenance, Repairs and Overhaul facility for multiple helicopters at the same time of different makes.
  8. Apron to accommodate and park several large helicopters.
  9. Food court for travelers on the Mumbai Pune expressway with McDonalds, KFC and Subway.
  10. A fuel pump with Petrol and Diesel delivery.
  11. Fleet of various Helicopters for Air ambulance , Flight training, Aerial services and Non-scheduled operations.